Childbirth Education Class – in English – Dez 2020

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused during your *new baby* experience in a new country, facing the language barrier and the cultural shock?

I know what you’re going through because I was like you ten years ago.

I have been working as a doula and childbirth educator with many international families during their *becoming parents* experience and I’ve realized that support and information are the best tools for a fulfilling and positive birth experience. I will empower you – both moms and dads – to make the best decisions based on the latest evidence-based information. Come join me for another kind of childbirth education class!

Class Outline:

Introduction; Becoming Parents; Role of the Partner in Pregnancy and Birth; Pregnancy Anatomy and Physiology; Comfort Measures in Late Pregnancy; Preparation for the Birth – Mind and Body; Nutrition; Optimal Fetal Positioning; Fetal Movement Counting; Choosing a Birth Place; Your Preferences List ( Birth Plan); How the Birth Begins; Special Situations – Premature Birth, Medical Problems and Induction; Anatomy and Physiology of Birth; Hormones of Birth; Stages of Birth; Benefits, Risks, and Alternatives of Common Medical Procedures; Getting Informed Consent; Comfort Measures in Childbirth (Breathing, Positioning, Techniques for Birth Partners), Pushing the Baby Out. Your Baby is Born: How Babies Look; The Magic Hour; Common Procedures after the Baby is Born; Initiating Breastfeeding; Jaundice; The First Weeks Postpartum; Postpartum Depression.

…and everything that will come up!

Zielgruppe Geburtsvorbereitung auf englischer Sprache


Simona Pickhardt
Hypnobabies Kursleiterin


12. & 13. Dezember 2020
Sa 10.00-17.00
So 12.00-16.00

Kursgebühr €150 für das Paar

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